​​Your BVL donations for 2019-2020 $6,371.50 New High

 Susan G. Komen donations 2018-2019 $4357.00

Now is the time to look around and find our valuable volunteers and eligible award candidates for 2020.  Forms must be turned in by May 30th... deadline extended 


2701. W. William Cannon

Austin Texas 78745

Forms are below in green button

2701 W. William Cannon Dr
Austin, Texas 78745

Have you checked out the Benefit Hub?

Serving Austin, Georgetown, Lake Way, Pflugerville, and Round Rock

The Open Tournament scheduled for

April has been cancelled due to

the Covid-19 Virus threat

2020 Open and Women's National Tournaments start dates moved to September.


Adult leagues that have a member under 18 will require all members to pass Safe Sport Training.

Membership fees:

Adult $23.00

Adult Basic $10 (leagues 16 weeks or less)

Transfer Fee $10

       (anyone who joins outside of the GAAUSBCA area)


18 and older youth members are required to do Safe Sport training. 

Youth Standard $4.00

Youth Processing fee $2.00

Bowlopolis Upgrade $3.50

Junior Gold U12 Upgrade $10

Junior Gold U15/U20 Upgrade $30

Local Only Youth Processing fee $2.00