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​​Your BVL donations for 2019-2020 $6,371.50 New High

 Striking against Breast Cancer 2019-2020 $5,241.00

Local tournaments postponed until fall of 2021

Serving Austin, Georgetown, Lake Way, Pflugerville, and Round Rock


Adult leagues that have a member under 18 will require all members to pass Safe Sport Training.

Membership fees:

Adult $23.00   ($13.00 National Office/$10.00 local office)

Adult Basic $10 (leagues 16 weeks or less) $7.00 Natioanl office, $3.00 local. 

Transfer Fee $10

       (anyone who joins outside of the GAAUSBCA area)


Youth Standard $4.00  (Natioanl standard fee)

Youth Processing fee $2.00 Local 

Bowlopolis Upgrade $3.50 Natioanl fee

Junior Gold U12 Upgrade $10 National fee

Junior Gold U15/U20 Upgrade $30 National fee

Local Only Youth Processing fee $2.00 Natioanl fee

2701 W. William Cannon Dr
Austin, Texas 78745